Saturday, September 12, 2009

Best Clin Chem Blogs

The following are adjudged as the Best Clin Chem Blogs for this Semester:

Rank 1

1. Eryll - Blog 23
2. Eugene - Blog 1
3. Angelica - Blog 20

Rank 2

1. Erika Shane - Blog 5
2. Diana - Blog 3
3. Kim Andrew - Blog 7
4. Lindsey - Blog 8
5. Ann Alexys - Blog 11
6. Dia Rowena - Blog 17
7. Ma. Raychel - Blog 13
8. Jayson - Blog 27
9. Christian Phillip - Blog 22
10.Kristine Kretel - Blog 18
11.Jhimpie - Blog 14
12.Lovely Rose - Blog 21

Rank 3

1. Jullius - Blog 2
2. Apple Joy - Blog 4
3. Mary Joy - Blog 24
4. Ethel - Blog 26
5. Mark Gideon - Blog 28

And to everyone, you've all done well. Keep posting and good luck to Internship training.

It's time to reveal your Evaluators. Here they are:

IT, blogging acumen, writing style, originality, impact, spunk, etc: Luke, Jan, Roy, Holly

Thanks for the help and support.


zorlone said...

Congratulations to all the winners! I wonder what the prizes were? he he he.

Burger!!! Pizza!!!


Virginia Gaces said...

Hello Doc,

Thanks for the help and support. Certificate lang doc. He he he...God bless.

Roy said...

wow! a 3-way tie! and they're all deserving!


kudos to you Jena!

@Doc Z
it's not yet late to sponsor some prizes ;)

jan said...

Congratulations most especially to Gelz, Eryl and Eugene. And the others who I find deep admiration and connection with. You all rock to your Lolo Jan.

Keep blogging when you can and if it so happens you can't please do get in touch.

I'm just here writing and waiting to be interrupted. Cheers. :)

Virginia Gaces said...


OO nga, deserving naman sila. Cheers.

Virginia Gaces said...

Hello Jan,

Thanks, I'm sure they'll remember that. Thanks for all the support too. All the best.