Saturday, June 27, 2009

Clin. Chem. Blogs' Evaluation: Week 3

All blogs were evaluated by two great bloggers
Roy dela Cruz of "The Struggling Blogger and
Dr. Lorenzo Bernardino of "Zorlone".

These two generous bloggers did it for love - gratis. Do take note of their recommendations and visit their blogs to say thank you. Browse their blogs and learn from them.

The prizes will be awarded next week during our laboratory class.

Take note of the following reminders: Demerit points will be given for non-compliance.

1. Follow my blog and your classmates' blogs. Log in first before you follow. No anonymous followers.

2. Subscribe to my blog and your classmates' blogs.

3. Be certain all the CC blogs are in your blogroll.

4. Follow and subscribe also to Clin Chem Reviewer.

5. Post the latest assignment: "Answers to your questions"

6. Blog hop and read your classmates' post.

7. Leave comments on your classmates' post.

8. Encourage each other.

9. The laboratory test will be derived from your different posts.