Friday, July 3, 2009

Maximize the Exposure of Your Blogs


For the 4th week:

Maximize the exposure of your blogs by using these pointers:

1. Read other blogs' posts and understand the content so you could leave well thought of comments, or comments that could contribute to the post.

2. Do not leave a comment asking them to visit your blogs. This is considered spamming.

3. Do not leave generic , one -liner comments like: "Great post!", "Brilliant!" "You're great!" If you can't avoid this, then explain why you think the post is great, etc.

4. If you commented properly and then you do not get any return visit, then you have to accept the fact that not all bloggers would do the same.

5. Visit and read as many blogs as you can, especially those that belong to the same genre as your topic.

GOOD LUCK, CC student-bloggers!