Saturday, June 24, 2017


1.    Discuss the principle of the test.

LDH in the serum catalyzes the oxidation reduction of lactate to pyruvate, which  is measured spectrophotometrically.

2.    Give the reasons why serum for LD determination cannot be refrigerated.

Because LD isoenzymes are thermolabile and are unstable at refrigerated temperatures. They would not be able to react accurately.

3.    Why should there be timed intervals in the addition of 0.1N HCL?

So that the acid could react properly with the LDH in the sample.

4.    In the experiment, why should the incubation period be done exactly in 5 minutes?

Because incomplete reaction would occur if it is less than 5 minutes and more products would be formed when prolonged more than 5 minutes. This is at specified temperature and conditions.

5.    Name sources of errors in this determination.

Hemolyzed serum increases result 100-150 X
Turbid, lipemic and icteric serum needs serum blanking for accuracy
Refrigerated blood samples lowers values
Prolonged or shortened incubation time at specified conditions could increase or decrease values respectively
Altered temperatures could either increase nor decrease values

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